Staffing & Training


Coworking is a relatively young industry, so it is often difficult for new operators to find staff who have experience in the industry. Thankfully we have extensive experience in helping clients fill this gap.

To help with that process, we have developed a full process for curating a staffing model and deploying a training program for the on-the-ground team.

Staffing Model

  • Writing job descriptions for:
    • Workplace Director
    • Community Manager
    • Assistant Community Manager
    • Events Managers
    • Sales Managers
  • Interviewing potential candidates and assisting in the selection process
  • Training

Community Manager Training Program

Our Community Manager Training Program is a comprehensive training process that helps all coworking staff members quickly learn what it takes to effectively manage a coworking business.  Our training program addresses the following areas:

  • Opening and closing routines
  • The art of giving tours
  • Building a sticky culture
  • Managing the coworking software
    • Creating and customizing memberships
    • Invoicing
    • Creating and managing events
    • Creating reports for ownership
    • CRM 
  • Sales strategies
    • Social media 
    • Direct corporate sales
    • Partnership strategies
  • Keeping customers through love