Central to any coworking business is the software (+ hardware) at the center of the operation. We have extensive experience working with the most prominent of the coworking applications.  

Coworking Technology

Coworking software packages enable all of the essential functions of a smooth business- membership processing and payment, desk booking, room booking, invoicing, individual and group messaging, community management, event management, etc.

Coworking Tech Stack - OpenWork AgencyWe take clients through the demo process with multiple software providers, answer questions that are specific to their project, and help them find the right software solution for the project.  The different software solutions have their strengths and weaknesses, and our role is to help find the option that best supports the mission and vision of the business.  Additionally, we help with the integration of the software (once it’s chosen) into the project’s website.  For clients who need help across the technology process we can also build their website and install the coworking software as a single process.  

Our technology services include:

  • Software demos and selection
  • Website construction
  • Software integrations
  • Technology training for staff

Our extensive experience on the technology side of the business is helpful to clients who need their staff to be trained in how to operate the software. See our Staffing & Training service for more information on the technology training process.


Partners help you define your coworking tech stack. This includes coworking management software, door access, visitor check-in, etc.