Workshops & Programs

OWA’s experienced consultants deliver high-impact workshops and programs on culture and culture change, organizational design and structure, and workplace strategy and hybrid working.


Workshops are both company-specific and open-enrollment, and are offered virtually and in person.

Many organizations today are having to orient themselves to the shifting realities of hybrid working. From reorienting culture to redesigning workplaces and workplace strategy, leadership teams are charged with making significant decisions that will impact how their people work into the future.

We assist decision makers with culture and workplace transformation projects through one-off workshops as well as more extensive team programs. Programs consist of multiple modules, and run four to six weeks depending on the program.


Hybrid Working Strategy

This is a one day facilitation that takes teams through four critical aspects of hybrid working: Culture, Policies & Procedures, Spaces, Technologies

As a group we examine the state of each of these critical areas in your company and explore ways to leverage them to improve employee engagement and real estate efficiency.

Hybrid Sprint

For teams that want a brief but intense facilitation, we condense the four areas into a 90 minute conversation/workshop as an introductory to the hybrid working decision making process.

Culture Workshop

Our culture workshop is based on the Five Questions Culture Framework, introduced in the forthcoming book–Five Questions: How to design a more engaged and adaptive culture– by OpenWork co-founder, Drew Jones. The workshop helps teams think about nurturing their cultures through the lens of five simple questions:

  1. Why? What is the company’s purpose and vision?
  2. What? What are people working on- are they experimenting and innovating or doing algorithmic work?
  3. How? To what extent can employees self-organize around high levels of accountability?
  4. Who? Does company leadership foster trust and a growth mindset to encourage risk taking and innovation
  5. Where? What kinds of workspaces and workplace policies are in place, and do employees have sufficient choice and flexibility?
Culture Sprint

We also offer the culture workshop in a sprint format, where we facilitate the Five Questions conversation in a 90 minute interactive session.

All workshops are Zoom first, but can also be delivered on site.


Hybrid Working Program

This four module program, delivered over four consecutive weeks, is a deep dive into the four aspects of hybrid working- culture, policies and procedures, spaces, and technologies. Modules are filled with both in-session exercises and discussions, as well as short ‘homework’ exercises that participants do between modules. Brief summaries of each module are presented as a follow up, and a program-wide summary and report are provided at the end of the program.

Cultural Intelligence (CQ) for Leaders

The CQ for Leaders program is made up of six modules delivered over six consecutive weeks. In-session exercises and homework exercises engage participants in hands-on development activities. The program helps leaders more effectively understand and manage their cultures by developing an anthropological understanding of culture and how it evolves. Module summaries and end-of-program reports are provided.

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