We help organizations address some of the most difficult challenges of the hybrid working era:


How to create employee experiences that attract and retain top talent in the industry?


How to reduce real estate costs through more agile and just-in-time spaces?


What is the right mix of places and policies to empower employees and organizational performance?


How to develop a tech-forward culture strategy that reflects post-pandemic expectations?

Reimagine How You Work

Through workplace and culture research, strategy development, and future of work forecasting, we support bold organizations ready to innovate in how they work.


Workplace Assessments

01  Understanding the Current State of Work

We use a mix of qualitative research methods (observation, interviews, shadowing, employee journey mapping, focus groups) to help organizations understand:

  • Space utilization and performance
  • Employee workplace experience
  • What is working
  • What is not working
  • Opportunities for innovation

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02 Understanding Assumptions and Mindsets

Through a combination of qualitative research and senior team workshops, we explore existing assumptions and mindsets that might stand in the way of workplace innovation.

  • Management attitudes to remote work
  • Productivity and accountability
  • Management and RTO mandates
  • Leadership and management styles
  • Decision rights

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Culture Assessments

01 The Open Culture Assessment

We conduct qualitative research into the day-to-day experiences of employees to understand company culture from their point of view. Research is framed around five dimensions of employee experience: purpose, innovation, accountability, growth mindset, flexibility. We uncover insights that:

  • Give employees greater voice
  • Drive energy and productivity
  • Make work more meaningful
  • Boost employee engagement, employee retention, and the employer brand
  • Put accountability at the heart of the organization
  • Drive organizational learning

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02 Workplace / Culture Alignment Assessment

As bold organizations adapt to new ways of working, new places and platforms become part of the mix. Each adaptation generates its own cultural challenges in terms of how people are managed and how teams will collaborate. Then we help develop culture plans to support organizations as they lean into the future.

  • Hybrid/remote work
  • Activity-based working (ABW)
  • Third places (like coworking)
  • Metaverse
  • Machine learning/AI/predictive capabilities

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This is an unbelievable opportunity to remake culture. It’s rare in a leader’s lifetime to have such a clean drop for how you run the place.

— Bill Schaninger, McKinsey & Co.


Sprints + Labs


We support leadership teams with full-day and half-day strategy workshops that encourage imagination and exploration. Multiple stakeholders are included to insure a wide range of input from different areas and levels of the organization. Strategy sprints help stakeholders quickly move from ideas to:

  • Strategy roadmaps
  • Internal alignment
  • Policies & procedures documents
  • Financial forecasting
  • Employer brand reframing

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The work lab is an innovation program for organizations to explore the potential of workplace/strategy pilots. We help identify pilot opportunities and then assess (through our qualitative research process) the effectiveness of pilots over time.

  • ABW pilots
  • Remote hiring talent strategy (i.e. 100% remote employees)
  • Third party working (like coworking)
  • Excursions in the metaverse
  • Satellite office pilots
  • Employee-led office scheduling

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Charrettes + Forecasting


We help leaders imagine what their future offices might be. We facilitate creative visioning with senior teams to explore offices of the future and how they can support company strategy and execution.

Charrettes help make what are now abstract conversations tangible. Insights from sessions help inform critical future workplace decisions.

  • Floor plate size and space allocation
  • FF&E innovations
  • Renderings and visualizations
  • CapEx savings
  • Future smart technologies

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Many companies face deep uncertainty about what comes next in terms of workplace, culture, and technology change.

We help bold leaders explore big questions through short and long-term scenario planning to support decision making:

  • What will the workplace and workforce look like in five, ten, twenty years?
  • How far might AI go in transforming work, and what are the implications?
  • What activities will offices support and how much savings is on the table?
  • Will companies embrace global recruiting to close their talent gaps?
  • How will organizations respond to the next pandemic?

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The future is already here. It’s just not evenly distributed.

— William Gibson