At the outset of any coworking project it is imperative to know the competitive context for the specific project, and to map out if there is really a position for the business in the market.

What is the positioning statement of the concept?  i.e. who is the business for and what is the likelihood that there is a space in the market for the business.

Our feasibility assessments provide comprehensive market analysis, detailing the competition, the pricing dynamic for that market,  This includes a pricing matrix with our recommendations for a pricing strategy.  We provide unbiased and objective value with our independent recommendations.  We pride ourselves on being honest in our evaluations, and we don’t hesitate to suggest to clients that a coworking business in a particular market does not make sense. 

Feasibility assessments can be focused on either general market conditions (i.e. competitor/market analysis) or it can be combined with a more comprehensive financial feasibility mode as well.  For that process we provide detailed five year pro forma, often through multiple scenarios, to create a rich picture of the potential opportunity.  See our financial modeling service to learn more about this process.