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Remote Working Culture

Adapt your culture to the requirements of remote work. Connecting and aligning a distributed workforce, whether employees are at home or at a coworking space or coffee shop, requires an open-source approach that draws from many existing technologies and tools. That requires not only a mindset shift, but a culture shift.  


Introducing the LEMR Change Model


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What’s your hybrid plan?


Transition to Hybrid

Given the current circumstances that we are all in, we are beginning to look at alternative ways of working.



Where/how will your employees likely be working in the next year or two? What is the real estate impact to your bottom line? Using scenario modeling we can anticipate possible futures and be better prepared for success.



Equipped with your company’s unique data, we prepare a thorough report that analyzes the data and provides our recommendations for an effective COVID-19 workplace strategy. A comprehensive report is delivered as a media-rich PDF.


Remote Working Resources

Explore our categized list of remote working tools and resources. 


The Technology is the Culture

Since the pandemic began millions of Americans have been forced to use technologies in ways that they never knew they could. Zoom (and ‘zoom calls’) has become a household name in short order. Slack, the simple messaging platform, has also quickly leaped the chasm of adoption. From ordering groceries online to conducting all of one’s work online, we have collectively been through a shift of rapid adoption that is historic.


The Design Ecology of Work

In a previous book- The Fifth Age of Work– I began with a simple but perhaps odd question: What would HR in a company look like if a designer were put in charge? I tried to answer that question as best as I could, but I think that discussion was probably about 15 minutes early. Binary Impasse Read More

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Trust: Making it Work

In a much overlooked 2007 article, “Dignity at Work” (in the journal Organization), sociologist Andrew Sayer outlines the connections between employee autonomy, trust in employees, respect for their work, and being taken seriously as the foundations for what he calls ‘dignity at work.’ Sayer was approaching the subject from perhaps a more critical perspective than most corporate decision Read More


Culture Eats Real Estate (too)

Puzzles & Roadmaps “Since when did employee engagement in our tenant companies become our business?” The Chief Strategy Officer of one of Singapore’s largest REITs posed the question in the middle of a tense session about how they were looking to reposition their office portfolio. They wanted to ‘activate’ some of their offices buildings in such a way to Read More


Human Tech

Introduction As software, AI, IoT, and robotics swallow more and more of the world (as Marc Andreessen suggested they would), it is natural to wonder what the role will be for people?  For years we’ve heard corporate leaders, as well as their HR lieutenants, tell us that their people are ‘their most important assets,’ but Read More


Invisible Innovation

Introduction Research on CEO priorities consistently shows that innovation remains a top priority for most corporate leaders.  This has been the case for well over a decade. Which company, or company leader, would not want their companies to grow through innovation? The challenge, when push comes to shove, is how to get to innovation?  At Read More


Business Culture in the Sharing Economy

Introduction According to the historian of science Thomas Kuhn, scientific paradigms change only at glacial speed. Even as evidence in a particular scientific field mounts to challenge existing theory, a field’s professionals, institutions, associations, and journals often acknowledge and embrace the new paradigm over the course of a generation. This is clearly happening in the Read More


Boomerangs & Slingshots – Aft...

Culture Past and Future In his 2015 Wall Street Journal article, “Data is our New Middle Manager,” Christopher Mims chronicles the emerging management practices of lean startups. The article suggests that, in an era of radical transparency where ALL employees have access to ALL the relevant data that impacts a company (small or large), there is less Read More