Maximizing Your Hybrid Workplace: The Im...

While hybrid working offers many benefits, it also presents challenges for companies and employees alike. To truly understand how hybrid working is impacting employees and the organization as a whole, it is necessary to use qualitative (ethnographic) inquiry to gather information about the employee experience.

The Future of Work: How Activity-Based W...

Activity-based working, also known as ABW, is a modern approach to organizing office space and workflows. It is a departure from the traditional model of assigned desks and fixed workstations, and instead prioritizes flexibility and collaboration.


Coworking spaces have evolved to meet th...

Today’s workers are more mobile and more independent than ever before, and they are looking for flexible workspaces that can keep up with their lifestyle. Coworking spaces have responded by offering memberships that allow access to multiple locations, extended hours, and on-demand workspace. In addition, many coworking spaces now offer additional services such as childcare, wellness programs, and social events. As the workforce continues to evolve, the coworking industry will need to continue to adapt to meet the changing needs of workers.

hybrid workplace strategy

The Evolution of a Hybrid Workplace Stra...

As the world of work continues to evolve, so too must the workplace itself.

hybrid workplace strategy

Why does a corporate metaverse belong in...

There are numerous Metaverse platforms that exist today, each with their own unique value propositions and appeals to different types of uses and users.


Anthropology for Leaders

To the extent that both empathy and innovative corporate strategies are derived from broad cultural intelligence and curiosity about others and their worldviews, I would suggest that anthropology is uniquely situated to become a go-to social science in the development of corporate leaders.


Corporate Coworking is a Thing: Now What...

Over the past decade  more and more companies- small, medium, and large- have embraced coworking as part of their workplace strategy. It is now widely accepted that coworking is no longer just for freelancers, startups, and solopreneurs. When firms such as IBM, Amazon, and UBS take up whole buildings under WeWork’s coworking management system, it Read More

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Company Culture in the Age of Coworking

In my current book project (tentatively called “After Corporate Culture”), I am trying to understand the long-term impact that fluid and mobile working is having on company culture. For quite some time, of course, many firms have allowed, either officially or unofficially, employees to work from home or off-site at least some of the time. However, as Read More


Are You Ready for Coworking?

Are You Ready? For the past four years we have been closely watching as more and more mainstream users have embraced coworking as a new way of working. What at first seemed like a fringe phenomenon that was suited primarily for freelancers and startups has grown to be much more than this. Recently, while walking through a Read More


Boomerangs & Slingshots – Aft...

Culture Past and Future In his 2015 Wall Street Journal article, “Data is our New Middle Manager,” Christopher Mims chronicles the emerging management practices of lean startups. The article suggests that, in an era of radical transparency where ALL employees have access to ALL the relevant data that impacts a company (small or large), there is less Read More