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OpenWork Values

We believe in the power of open organizations.

Coworking as a Way of Working

People are most effective in their work when they can choose where and when they work. Choice and flexibility go hand in hand with agency. Human agency makes people happy and whole. Coworking leaders have known this for years- people who work in coworking spaces are happier than people who work elsewhere.

Today, as companies adapt to a more distributed work ecosystem in the context of Covid-19, the values of coworking- autonomy, trust, choice, community, flexibility, work/life balance- take on a new significance. Aside from physical coworking spaces, coworking as a way of working is now relevant to most companies as they develop their own flexible and hybrid working strategies. Whether working at the office, at home, or at a coworking space, flexibility, choice, and work/life balance are here to stay. Organizational health starts with employee health.