Worker Type Indicator

Identify What Type of Knowledge Worker You Are

what type of knowledge worker are you


I don't like to go into the office every day.

I enjoy working around people from other companies and industries.

I prefer an office environment with different types of work spaces for different work activities.

I prefer to come into the office rather than work from home or other third place.

I like variety and enjoy working in different spaces throughout the work week.

I like to work at home and / or coffee shops and other third places and highly value my independence

I am most organized and productive when I work from home.

I feel like I deserve my own private office.

I like to ‘nest’ and have a permanent, fixed workstation.

I am most productive when working alone in a quiet environment.

I feel like I should be able to ‘come and go’ from my workstation as it fits my schedule.

I enjoy working in a busy and social environment.

I don’t need a fixed desk or office.

I tend to work at odd (‘non-business’) hours.

I prefer to work only around people in my own company.

Worker Type Indicator

Camper: Campers are knowledge workers who prefer working primarily in a private office at the company office. Campers place a premium on privacy and nesting, and conduct their best work when working alone.

Explorer: Explorers are knowledge workers who like to work ‘at the office,’ but enjoy moving around and working at different workstations (including open-plan workstations) throughout the week/month. Explorers are more comfortable working in busy, social environments than are campers.

Nomad: Nomads are knowledge workers who greatly value maximum choice and mobility in how/where they conduct their work. Nomads appreciate the option of working either at the office, at a coffee shop, at home, or at a coworking space, etc.

Homebody: Homebodies are independent knowledge workers who prefer to create a ‘home office’ where they perform their most effective work. Homebodies use digital tools to collaborate and remain socially connected with colleagues.

Coworker: Coworkers are adventurous knowledge workers who prefer to work ‘off campus’ in coworking spaces (such as WeWork). Coworkers appreciate the stimulation of working around people from different industries and companies, and can thrive in a highly social environment.

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