Many organizations today are trying to figure out if hybrid working is right for them, and if so what approach can best support their strategic objectives while fulfilling employees’ desire for flexibility and choice.

Our WE Audit service is a deep but rapid multi-method workplace and workplace experience assessment process. We combine a mix of methods and information sources to understand the current state of workplace experience- what is working, what isn’t, and what employees want in the future. We are an objective, third party set of eyes and can provide an invaluable outside perspective on the needs and objectives of all stakeholders.

There are five components in the process.

Open Organization Survey

We have developed a holistic, proprietary work style and preference survey that seeks to understand where employees thrive doing different types of tasks and projects (office, home, etc.)

Observations & Shadowing

Our team of trained ethnographers conducts on-site observational research and employee shadowing to understand how (and how much) different spaces are being used, and what these experiences look like in real time.


Based on key issues identified in the Open Organization Survey and observations, we follow up with extended (on site) conversations with select employees to explore tensions and opportunities.

Focus Groups

We run 2-3 focus groups with a mix of employees from different departments and levels of the organization to dive deeper into the wicked problems regarding workspace and workplace strategy.

Review Existing Utilization Data

While our on-site observations provide insights into space utilization (during the limited time we are there), we also review an organization’s existing utilization metrics to provide context for the interview and focus-group data.

Is your organization looking for data and insight to inform your hybrid working decision making and future workplace strategy?