“It’s not the changes that do you in, it’s the transitions.” – William Bridges

We work with our clients to prepare for their change, manage the transition and reinforce the change. We identify key players in the process and guide them through the phases. We discuss engagement, communications, and workplace experiences. We develop a narrative, schedule of activities and message map. We deliver a roadmap covering significant aspects of the transition process: communications plan, sponsor roadmap, coaching plan, possible resistance and training.

Once we have a basis of understanding and shared vocabulary collaborate on actual roles and responsibilities, identify challenges and establish a client specific transition management action plan. We listen and then share back from our deep experience ways to move forward to a successful conclusion. Then we convene collaborative work sessions to role play, address potential objections and guide the team to become onsite trainers.

Our experience has proven the need for a narrative that does not go over the heads of the workforce and past their hearts. We view it as a critical success factor for any project. Human factors matter and accelerates the speed of adoption, ultimate utilization and increase efficiency for the project. The narrative is both an inside and outside message that supports the business imperatives.

This step involves developing timelines, communications at different levels, determining activities to support the transition and physical change and events where the workforce can engage in better understanding what is coming. Some examples are email blasts, social media campaigns and printed collateral.

This step is a series of clearly coordinated communications and events that will aid the workforce adjusting to the new work environment. We prepare and publish guides and protocols for the new workplace and provide logistical support during the move. We also conduct post move/launch assessments to gauge success. We can then provide additional support to continue the success.