A strong project vision is key to realizing the best outcome given the current context.

Strategy is both qualitative and quantitative based and starts at the beginning of every project. Advance planning, engagement, teamwork and effective processes ensure participants are aligned – paving the way forward to effective outcomes

If you don’t know where you and the team are really going – any road will get you somewhere – usually not where you want to be. An Openwork Workshop helps a project team start smart so they can stay smart. Our facilitative approach provides guidance and support to align points of view and we ask the right questions to ensure greater project success. We look at a myriad of factors, including: feasibility, economic, technical, environmental, operational, social and the people engaged.

This can be part of the kick-off (Smart Start, Open Work Workshop, etc.) to identify the project vision, clarify the project scope, clarify goals and metrics to align the business objectives with the strategic intent and design. We also help develop a narrative to guide ongoing decisions that synthesizes divergent information into a story to guide actions.

A collaborative, facilitated workshop to build the research, direction, and concepts for a comprehensive and integrated project. This also involves aligning design factors with physical, emotional and cognitive data for better well being and higher productivity for the space and for the people.

Whether coworking or hybrid solutions are being considered it is important to have a roadmap from inception to project completion and eventual occupancy. This workshop discusses each phase, what it entails, roles and responsibilities and how to measure along the way. Each of the nine coworking steps are discussed and ample time is given for questions and resolution based on each client’s unique needs.

This session linking the design strategy and implementation to the feasibility factors which – in turn – become the performance measures. It also covers work modes, evaluating activity-base working (ABW) and ways to improve overall performance