Corporate Coworking Workshop

We are excited to announce the availability of a new workshop designed to help companies make the transition from fixed, traditional office environments to more fluid, coworking-like officing strategies. We want to help companies re-think how, when, and where their employees work. Employee engagement and productivity are directly correlated with having choice, flexibility, and autonomy in how, when, and where they do their work. Additionally, when people in firms are ‘in motion,’ higher levels of interaction and collaboration become the norm, not the exception. The workshop is intended to help companies understand and embrace the coworking model as part of how they manage the people and space in their business.

In the two-day workshop, together we will explore:

  • Industry trends and developments
  • Coworking communities in your area
  • Pre-readings from Harvard Business Review
  • How Corporate Coworking is an evolution of Activity Based Work
  • The importance of choice, flexibility, autonomy, and decision rights
  • The importance of prototyping and running a pilot program
  • Where/when creative work is done
  • Where/when focused-work is done
  • The role of a community manager in an innovative ‘social workplace’

The primary goal of the workshop is to help inject mobility, energy, collaboration, and innovation into your company. We strongly believe that the revolutionary benefits of coworking, as a modality of work, deliver these very things. Get in touch to start your own journey to coworking!

Location: At your office, a coworking space in your city, or at Link Coworking, in Austin, Texas

Duration: Two days

Cost: $975/person. Minimum of eight people


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